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Thanksgiving Holiday

To observe Thanksgiving Holiday, there will be no class on the following days:

Wednesday, November 27, and Sunday, December 1: New York City location

Saturday, November 29: Harrison location

Past Events

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2019 Shidogakuin Kendo Camp and 35th Anniversary Tournament

The 35th Shidogakuin Anniversary Open Tournament was be held on Saturday the 3rd. We'd like to thank everyone who participated and the sensei and shinpan for their support!

Ages 12 and under (kihon competition)

1st Place Ryotaro Okano, Shidogakuin Harrison
2nd Place Caleb Model, Shidogakuin NY
3rd Place Kota Mizobuchi, Shidogakuin Harrison
3rd Place Luka Ito, Shidogakuin Harrison

Ages 13-18

1st Place Shuta Iwai, Shidogakuin Harrison
2nd Place Towa Machida, Shidogakuin Harrison
3rd Place Brendon Hwang, Washinkan

Mudansha Kachinuki

1st Place Shidogakuin Harrison / Fudokan
2nd place Mixed Team (Houston / Fudokan / Shidogakuin NY)
3rd Place Fudokan
Outstanding Player David Christopher, Shidogakuin Harrison

Women's Kachinuki

1st Place Washinkan
2nd Place Boston Shufukai
3rd Place Fudokan
Outstanding Player Yasuko Mohler, Washinkan

Men's Yudansha Kachinuki

1st Place Shidogakuin A
2nd Place SEUSKF A
3rd Place Fudokan
Outstanding Player James Ro (SEUSKF A)
Outstanding Player Alistair Faghani (Fudokan)
Outstanding Player Shuta Iwai (Shidogakuin A)
Best Player Kotaro Yoshida (Washinkan / Univ. of Chicago)

Kendo Seminar with Ishii-sensei

Greetings! We are happy to share with you that Takeshi Ishii Sensei, Kendo Kyoshi 8 Dan, Former Tokyo Metropolitan Police (Keishicho), Vice Syuseki Shihan and Nippon Budokan Kendo Dojo Shihan, will visit be visiting New York.

To attend: Please email name, rank and dojo to

Ishii Sensei is the featured Sensei for 2019 GNEUSKF Kendo Education Tour. He will give seminars on Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24. Please see below information:

Date: Saturday, March 23rd
Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm
(Doors open at 4:30 PM)
Location: Shidogakuin Harrison Dojo, Harrison Rec. Center (aka Frank Sollazzo Center), 270 Harrison, Avenue, Harrison, NY
Level: All ages, all levels
Contribution Ages 17 and under: $10
Ages 18 and over: $20
Date: Sunday, March 24th
Time: 3:00pm - 6:30pm
(Doors open at 2:45 PM)
Location: Shidogakuin New York Dojo, 265 Madison Avenue, NY, NY
Level: Yudansha (shodan and up)
Contribution $20
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Rutger's University Kendo Seminar

On Saturday March 2, GNEUSKF(President Tsuyoshi Inoshita .Kendo kyoshi 7 dan) and Shidogakuin(Chairman of Shozo Kato. Kendo kyosh 8dan) sponsored Kendo seminar at Rutgers University Kendo club. 60 people participated from the age of 6 to upper 70 years old, and started with a lecture of "What is the significance,goal, purpose of kendo", then guidance on basic striking with Bogu, and the second half of the seminar in the Shinsa and competition of the Kendo, guidance such as the Waza evaluated by the judge was carried out. Lastly it was a lively seminar with the last 40 minutes of joint practice.

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26th Annual Shidogakuin Tournament

On Sunday March 3rd, the 26th Shidogakuin Rutgers Kendo Tournament (Youth,High School, University and General) was attended by about 200 participants and started with a big spirit(Ki-ai) of children and it was held grandly.

A Division (Ages up to 10)

1st Place Ken Uemoto, NY Kenshinkai
2nd Place Joseph Kwak, Cherry Hill Kenyukai
3rd Place Caleb Model, Shidogakuin NY
3rd Place Luka Ito, Shidogakuin Harrison
Fighting Spirit Lynn Uemoto, NY Kenshinkai

G Division (4 dan and up Adult)

1st Place Ryoma Tominaga, Shidogakuin NY
2nd Place Taishi Kato, Shidogakuin NY
3rd Place Dunkin Adams, Shidogakuin NY
3rd Place Sunghun Choi, GSK
Fighting Spirit Sungha Park, Columbia University

B Division (Ages 11 - 12)

1st Place Rachel Yoon, GSK
2nd Place Kenneth Ryu, Ridgefield Kendo Club
3rd Place Sean Lee, GSK
3rd Place Joshua Hong, GSK
Fighting Spirit Samuel Kim, Ridgefield Kendo Club

Women (Ages 16+)

1st Place Sachiho Jinnaka, Keio Academy of NY
2nd Place Hanna Kim, GSK
3rd Place Alissa Mori, Columbia University
3rd Place Jessica Ye, Yale University
Fighting Spirit Kaeda Kurosaki, Keio Academy of NY

C Division (Ages 13 - 15)

1st Place Brendon Hwang, Washinkan
2nd Place Hinako Yokohagi, NY Kenshinkai
3rd Place James Kwak Jr., Cherry Hill Kenyukai
3rd Place Daniel Mori, NY Kenshinkai
Fighting Spirit Yoichi Watanabe, Shufukai

D Division (Ages 16 - 18)

1st Place Sachiho Jinnaka, Keio Academy of NY
2nd Place Kaeda Kurosaki, Keio Academy of NY
3rd Place Yujin Kim, Washinkan
3rd Place Yurin Kim, Washinkan
Fighting Spirit David Darlington, Shidogakuin NY

E Division (Ages 13 - 15)

1st Place Jae Shin, Fudokan
2nd Place Matthew Adeniji, Stony Brook University
3rd Place Siddarth Govindan, Shidogakuin NY
3rd Place Dan Folescu, Virgina Tech Kendo Club
Fighting Spirit Kyle Wang, Cornell University

F Division (1 dan to 3 dan)

1st Place Vincent Choi, NYU
2nd Place Thomas Koizumi, West Point
3rd Place Joseph Wong, Rutgers Kendo Club
3rd Place Alex Zhang, Shidogakuin NJ
Fighting Spirit Jonathan Kim, Rutger's Kendo Club

Youth Team

1st Place GSK B
2nd Place Shidogakuin Harrison
3rd Place Cherry Hill Kenyukai
3rd Place GSK A

Mitsukoshi Cup

1st Place NYU A
2nd Place Keio Academy of NY A
3rd Place Cornell University A
3rd Place West Point A
Kato Cup Sachiho Jinnaka, Keio Academy of NY